What I do all day


A furnace I helped to build using an old air conditioning filter tank, going to be used for lots of casting.


Heating up the crucible inside


Pouring molten brass into the students casts



This is what we cast, a manila and some little animal heads in the background. Brass, yet to be cleaned up, but I think it looks quite good straight out the mould. Lost wax process.


Wax ‘Cassie’ action figure hand sculpted to be electroplating, eventually electroformed.


After approx 8 hrs in the electroplating bath, lots of connector wires to hold on all the little parts! She’s very shiny


Added enamel to the tin soldier ‘Cassie’ action figure..still have to perfect her a bit


Here she is amongst my plasma cut and MIG weld buildings, getting everything together for my exhibition in January.


Working on LED suits for Cirque Bijou’s performers in Malta.
A finished suit

Video here: http://vimeo.com/102241745

Light Energy Dance from Cirque Bijou on Vimeo.


Lights on! Green, red, blue and white! Change with tempo of music


One thought on “What I do all day

  1. Mesmerising, I so would love to get into your head for at least an hour to see what other interesting ideas live there:) I think you and your work is amazing!

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